B2B Targeting

If you need to target specific industry professionals with your campaigns, we are the partner with the data and technology to deliver the results you want.


Sales. Leads. Branding. Engagement.

Stop guessing about who you are targeting and leverage our transparent data to reach your goals efficiently.

Whatever your goals, we provide the platform, service, and technology to help you plan and deliver on your campaigns with maximum efficiency. No more wasted spend on questionable targeting, it's time to define and reach your exact industry professional audience with IDM.
Data Partners
Do You Need NDR?
Associations are always looking for opportunities to generate non-dues revenue without creating costs for their membership. At the same time they want to provide more value to their membership through education and information. Our data partnerships solve these challenges for you.
Do You Need B2B Targeting?
Most B2B programmatic targeting options create challenges for marketers looking to reach their precise audience. "Behavioral" data requires a prospect to show a specific tracked behavior before targeting them. But what about professionals who aren't showing the behaviors but fit your market perfectly?
Superior Results

We build your campaigns to meet your desired KPIs.

  • Target the correct audience.
  • Establish the top-of-funnel plan.
  • Develop the conversion path plan.
  • Create the optimization plan.
  • Launch, execute and report.

Defining your sales funnel is at the heart of our strategy. We review every piece of the puzzle including your offer, user experience, brand presence, copy, pitch, follow-up, conversion factors, lead/sales management, and closing process. We dig into how you measure campaign success and where there are weaknesses in user experience or prospecting during the sales process.

We also develop a process of testing and iteratively changing the sales funnel to optimize performance. Rarely is a successful sales funnel static, so constant measuring and review is vital to making it succeed for your business. We have seen our sales funnels raise conversion rates by 400% with our clients.

Digital gives us the control to determine who sees your campaign, when, where, and how often.

And we're not just building campaigns and hoping they are found - we drive targeted traffic to exactly what we want your audience to see, then ask them to take an action. We can leverage their data and market to them later based on where they are in the sales funnel, so you'll never lose a lead.