B2B Targeting

There are over 66,000 trade and professional associations.

Their members – millions of them – are highly-engaged industry advocates who are interested in products and services that help them do their jobs better.

They represent the best sales targets for B2B marketers who need specific professionals to add to their sales and lead funnels.

Want to target healthcare executives?
There’s an association for that.

Marketing executives and decision-makers?
There’s an association for that.

Auto dealer managers?
There’s an association for that too.

Traditionally, if you wanted to promote your new surgical device, your accounting software or your meeting venue, you’d place an ad in a publication from a related association. You might put an ad in an email or on a website. You might sponsor a booth at a conference.

Generally these events occur at specific points in time, but having an on-going marketing connection is vital to the conversion path.

What if there were a way to reach association members directly, exclusively, and year-round?

What if you could do it digitally, so that when or where an association member used the web, they’d see your ad multiple times?

That's what we deliver with our campaigns because of the unique data partnerships we’ve arranged with associations in a wide variety of industries. These associations partner with us to show industry-specific display ads to their members. Our exclusive agreements allow us to safely, anonymously digitize member data, onboard it to our digital display network, and show your ads to these members.

You don’t have to hope a member visits the association website or remembers what they read in their association magazine. You can show your ads on millions of websites that accept display advertising, and they are shown only to members of your chosen associations.

That means less waste of your advertising budget, and more response to your offers.

To take the first step towards creating a targeting plan for a specific association audience, contact us today.